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I Can Do It Award

Crofton Infant & Junior Schools are proud to join the Connect Schools Academy Trust's initiative to introduce our 'I Can Do It!' award

We live in a busy world where the pace of life is fast and where sometimes adults can be too busy to allow children to learn to do things for themselves as it's much quicker, as an adult, to do things for them.

Children are more capable than we often give them credit for and just require the time and space to develop their independence.  Supporting our children from an early age to develop their self-confidence and independence so that they start to take responsibility for themselves is crucial. Children need to be given the opportunity to participate in a variety of experiences to learn new and varied skills on their own as this nurtures feelings of self-esteem that translate into a ‘can-do attitude’.

The ‘I Can Do It Award’ aims to support our children to become responsible, positive young people who have a ‘can- do’ attitude. By completing a number of simple tasks over long periods of time, children will be able to practice a range of age-appropriate life skills and further develop their level of confidence in their ability to be independent.

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How does it work?

  • All our Crofton children will have five age-appropriate challenges to complete throughout the academic year.  
  • Once a challenge is completed, your child will bring in some evidence. This can be a short piece of writing (e.g. a recipe) or a photo. Alternatively, your child can tell their teacher verbally about what they did to complete their challenge.
  • The activities should be supported by an adult at home such as showing a child how to switch on the oven, but the final activity should be completed by the child.
  • Once a child has completed their five challenges, they will receive a certificate.
  • Each child will only be awarded a certificate for the challenges of their current year group.

Details of the challenges are in the booklets to the left. Printed copies are also available from the School Office.