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Eco School

At Crofton Infants we are very proud to participate in the Eco Schools Programme. Eco Schools operates in over 70 countries and engages over 20 million young people and teachers. That makes it the largest educational initiative globally! It is a pupil-led programme that aims to make a dynamic and realistic change and create a positive impact on our planet now.

We are proud that we have been awarded with a Green Flag because of the things we do that have a positive impact on our planet:

  • We sell pre-loved uniform.
  • Our lights automatically turn off and save energy.
  • We reuse and then recycle our paper.
  • We took part in the Great Battery Hunt campaign.
  • We took part in the Keep Britain Tidy campaign.
  • We maintain our forest school areas.
  • We have reusable equipment in our canteen instead of single use to reduce waste.


Gold standard travel plan

We have worked hard on the Bromley Travel Plan Targets and reached Gold Standard this year! 

  • Active travel - promote and encourage active travel to increase the number of active travellers to 94% 
  • Smarter driving - we promote and encourage smarter driving, park & stride, parking considerately and car sharing 


If any of you wants to get involved, please let us know by sending an email to croftonecoclub@gmail.com


The Eco-team