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Crofton Cubs Pre-school

Crofton Cubs Pre-school provides children with the best possible start to their early education journey and prepares them well for their step into the ‘big wide world of school’ as well as their future, as lifelong learners.

Our vision has shaped our approach to the delivery of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. We feel that it is important, for our children, that our curriculum reflects the needs of our learners and the Crofton Values of Global Awareness, Aspirations and Stereotypes, Cultural Diversity and Environment.

We want all our children to start the next phase of their education with high levels of self-confidence, resilience, and good learning behaviours. Crofton Cubs provides a stimulating and nurturing pre-school setting where tolerance, respect and appreciation of the achievements and differences of others are at the very core of our day-to-day practice. Each child will be allocated a key person who will support them on their journey.

We are a 32-place setting with limited places each year for 2 year olds. The remainder of the places are for 3 and 4 year olds.  Applications for places are only accepted when the child is born and you are in possession of a birth certificate.  Due to unprecedented demand, our waiting lists for September 2024 and September 2025 are now closed. 

Please see our admission policy for further details. 

There is no automatic transition from the Pre-school into Reception - applications for places in Reception MUST be made via the London Borough of Bromley and will be considered against our published admission policy.

Prospective parents are warmly welcomed to visit our setting. To arrange a visit please call: 01689 826320 ext 128 or email: admin@croftoncubspreschool.co.uk to book an appointment.