Crofton Infant School



Crofton Values


C                      Creative -  To be able to think outside the box and take risks.  To be able use your ideas and imagination to solve problems and be original.


R                      Resilient – To be able to think of new ways to tackle problems and not give up. 


O                     Open Minded -  To not let stereotypes hold you back.  To work collaboratively and accept the ideas of others to work on a common goal.


F                      Friendly – To be trustworthy, caring and kind to others. 


T                      Tolerant – To be respectful of others and to have the ability to consider other perspectives. 


O                     Optimistic – to be positive, believe in your abilities and be aspirational about your future.


N                     Neighbourly – to think and act upon ways to help the community and the environment for today and the future.