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STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are at the very heart of our planning and teaching here at Crofton. We use the STEM principles to develop our continuous curriculum right across the school from Reception through to Year 6.


Why are STEM subjects so important?


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects (and the careers that are associated with them) are quite often seen as being ‘hard’ or ‘boring’ or ‘for boys’. Contrary to this, STEM subjects and careers involve displaying great teamwork, creativity, outside the box thinking and sharp communication. They go far beyond sitting in a lab or crunching numbers and often address current issues society faces. A STEM education is becoming more and more important and with good reason. They promote necessary skills in today’s tech-savvy world, and they represent a pathway to some of the most in-demand and vital jobs.


          STEM@CROFTON INFANTS          


At Crofton Infant School the STEM principles run throughout our curriculum, linking learning together. This provides the children with the opportunity to develop their communication, teamwork and problem solving skills. Through careful planning, we have created stimulating and intriguing lessons that present the children with challenges and problems to overcome!


An example of some of the challenges that each year group have faced are:         



The Gruffalo and the other animals that live in the woods are in danger. The forest is being felled and the animal’s natural habitat is being wiped out. Can the children protect the animals and help them find new homes?

Year 1

Captain Smith’s ship has been shipwrecked and its sail damaged and planks cracked. He has also lost his crew and the ship’s anchor. Can the children help him recruit a new crew, mend the ship and make a new anchor?

Year 2

A Tyrannosaurus Rex has escaped and needs to be caught. Can the children design and build a dinosaur trap?



Throughout the STEM lessons, the children are:

  • Answering and generating key questions.
  • Taking part in practical investigations.
  • Designing, building and evaluating.
  • Researching and recording.
  • Taking into account different types of materials and their effectiveness.
  • Understanding survival skills.




As well as an exciting STEM packed curriculum, Crofton Infants provides the children with additional STEM rich activities:


  • STEM in Forest School
  • CREST Awards (see below)


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